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During our first fifth of a century in business, we at Sequoia were drumming our fingers waiting for the software industry to build a halfway decent inventory targeting system. Surprisingly SAP seemed to have no interest in it. Oracle? No dice. IBM – nada. We even worked with Manugistics for a year…

In the end we thought ‘we’re actually the best people for the job, let’s do it ourselves’. And so working with PepsiCo we decided to give it a shot.


Often there’s a bright spark - a whizz with a spreadsheet who has a respectable go at calculating it. Mostly they confuse statistical confidence limits with service targets. But even if you get that right, there’s still the dreaded pitfall of fiendish complexities when tackling intermittent demand patterns, or long transit times.

The other trouble is that often no-one else can understand it! So we piloted a snazzy new user interface powered by Sequoia’s Numerically Assisted Thinking ® and so OnTarget was born.


With the OnTarget system in place, Inventory Managers have a complete end-to-end view of all the Supply Chain parameters that are driving working capital and can initiate targeted improvements.

Peter Benenson, the English lawyer and founder of Amnesty International, said: it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. While we wouldn’t dare compare our achievements, nevertheless we’ve done our bit to light up a dark corner supply chain. So, for your delectation, we give you our candle – OnTarget!

On Target's Influence

We are proud to have implemented OnTarget with some of the world’s largest FMCG companies across 5 continents. We would love to show you what OnTarget can do and what we’ve learned over 25 years. Please contact our regional teams to hear more.

Americas: Sally Philp

Rest of World: Sarah Sheppard


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